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Technologies mastered in this Slope

Swift, macOS, iOS, tvOS, & Apple Watch

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Frequently asked questions

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I am a current subscriber. Will I still get all access to these Slopes?

We are no longer supporting subscriptions, but will offer current subscribers a healthy discount on current Slopes. This will save you money in the long run and give you the opportunity to purchase Slopes at a price that won't be offered to anyone else.
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What will happen to the current version(s) of the Devslopes App and courses that I purchased?

The current versions will remain on the App Store(s) for the first part of 2018 to give students enough time to transition to our new platform. Our new app will support any courses you purchased individually on the original Devslopes platform.
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I am a Kickstarter backer. Do I need to buy access to Slopes and licenses?

You are the reason why we are still around today, and cannot thank you enough. You do not need to buy anything and will have access to all Slope content & app updates.
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I just purchased Lifetime Access. Is this included with that purchase?

You do not need to buy anything and will have all access to all Slope content & app updates.