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This is a one stop shop for first time developers. Learn everything you’ll ever need to know. Get all access to iOS, Android, Front End, Game and Back End Development - Forever

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  • Programming warm up exercises and quizzes
    Warm ups, exercises, & quizzes
  • Programming final tests
    Final Tests & projects (Coming Soon)
  • Programming certificates
    Certificate of completion (Coming Soon)
  • programming offline downloads
    Offline downloads (Coming Soon)
  • Programming updates and upgrades
    Unlimited Future Upgrades
Guided learning path for development
All Access to Slopes
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  • Curated learning for development
    All curated, guided learning paths
  • Programming video and exercise files
    All current videos and exercise files
  • Development video and exercise
    All future videos and exercise files
  • Development video and exercise updates
    Continuous updates for all videos and exercise files
One time payment of$ 999
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*Pre-release means we are still adding content to the course and pre-release discount is applied. Once content is complete the price will return to standard rates.