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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to Unity course
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  • 02
    Learn to code in C# in Unity 3D
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    • C# variables in Unity 3D Watch Free
    • C# numbers in Unity 3D
    • C# conditionals in Unity 3D
    • C# arrays & loops in Unity 3D
    • C# functions & methods in Unity 3D
    • Object oriented programming & inheritance in C# for Unity
  • 03
    Haunted Zombie Rush - Unity 3D game
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    • Intro to Haunted Zombie Rush in Unity Watch Free
    • 3D Game Assets for your games in Unity
    • Zombie Rush game assets
    • Unity 3D interface overview
    • Project creation & importing assets into Unity 3D
    • Working with lighting & materials in Unity 3D
    • Altering shaders in Unity 3D
    • Switching build platforms in Unity 3D
    • Moving objects in Unity 3D
    • Coroutines & wait times in Unity 3D
    • Inheritance & reusability in Unity 3D
    • Importing & animating a character model in Unity 3D
    • Unity 3D rigidbody & adding force with physics
    • Working with audio in Unity 3D
    • Detection collisions & using assertions in Unity 3D
    • Game state & singletons in Unity 3D
    • Creating a 2nd camera & how to make UI in Unity 3D
    • Zombie Rush final source
    • Exercise - Extending your Unity 3D Game
    • Switching to a better code editor (VS Code)
  • 04
    Devslopes Defender 2D Game in Unity 3D
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    • Intro to Devslopes Defender Unity 3D game Watch Free
    • The 2D Game Assets for your games in Unity
    • Defender game assets
    • Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 1
    • Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 2
    • Animations & 2D colliders in Unity 3D
    • Game manager singleton & spawning in Unity 3D
    • Enemy pathfinding in Unity 3D
    • Generics & singletons in Unity 3D
    • Data encapsulation, spritesheets, & buttons in Unity 3D
    • 2D Raycasts, tags, and placing towers in Unity 3D
    • Projectiles, colliders, and more tower placement in Unity 3D
    • Registering enemies & distance-based attacks in Unity 3D
    • Shooting projectiles at enemies in Unity 3D
    • Killing enemies & other animations in Unity 3D
    • More UI & finishing touches in Unity 3D
    • UI Labels & buttons for GUI in Unity 3D
    • Building your Unity 3D game logic part 1
    • Building your Unity 3D game logic part 2
    • Adding sound FX to your Unity 3D game
    • Spawning random enemies in your Unity 3D game
    • Exporting your game as a standalone platform in Unity 3D
    • Defender final source
  • 05
    Legend of Devslopes Fantasy Game in Unity 3D
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    • Intro to Legend of Devslopes in Unity Watch Free
    • Legend game assets
    • Prepping the Unity project & building the level
    • Importing character assets into Unity
    • Creating the character animation controller in Unity
    • Animating the player in Unity
    • Enemy pathfinding & navigation in Unity
    • Rigidbody and weapons in Unity
    • Implementing enemy attack systems in Unity
    • Implementing player health in Unity
    • Enemy health & player attack in Unity
    • Heads up display / UI in Unity
    • Particle systems in Unity
    • How to create spawn points in Unity
    • Game manager singleton in Unity
    • Adjusting animations in Unity
    • Creating ranged arrow attacks in Unity
    • Health powerup feature and logic in Unity
    • Speed powerup feature and logic in Unity
    • Creating a game menu in Unity
    • Legend of Devslopes finishing touches in Unity
    • Legend game final source
  • 06
    Devslopes Devcraft Game (MineCraft Clone)
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    • Intro to Devcraft game Watch Free
    • Devcraft assets
    • Creating your first plane of cubes
    • Create Multiple Voxels
    • Creating multiple chunks of Voxels
    • Adding Dimensions
    • Setting up textures for mobile
    • Camera setup for our character
    • Adding movement to your character
    • Building and destroying blocks
    • Character Spawning
    • Rotating your character
    • Fixing a few bugs
    • Adding Audio
    • Building your game to Android
    • Building your game to iOS
    • Devcraft final source
  • 07
    Beginner & Advanced Lighting in Unity
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    • Intro to lightning Watch Free
    • Creating particle effects in Unity
    • Working with skyboxes & directional lights in Unity
    • Using point lights to create mood in Unity 3D
    • Working with spot lights & subtle light changes
    • How to use cookies in lighting in Unity
    • How to bake lighting & support mobile games in Unity
    • Final source
  • 08
    Cinematics & Animations in Unity
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  • 09
    Skeletons VS Zombies MOBA With Multiplayer in Unity
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    • Intro to Skeletons VS Zombies Watch Free
    • MOBA game assets and starter source
    • Pathfinding with Navigation Mesh in Unity 3D
    • Camera controls for MOBA in Unity
    • Point & click movement with pathfinding in Unity
    • Animations & fireball particle effect in Unity
    • Shooting fireballs/bullets in Unity
    • Intro to Unity 3D multiplayer
    • Network Manager & spawn points
    • Networking & player movement in Unity
    • Networking projectiles in Unity
    • SyncVars & keeping game data synchronized across the network in Unity
    • Rpc & calling client functions from the server in Unity
    • Unity Multiplayer Service & online matchmaking in Unity
    • MOBA final source