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What Will I Learn?

  Learn 2D & 3D game development ↳  For beginners. No coding experience required
↳  Build a multiplayer Clash Royale clone with PvP ↳ Lighting, cinematics, AI, animations, FX and more
↳  Build a full scale RPG complete with battle mechanics ↳  Learn C# and best programming practices

Build Games On Any Platform

Windows, macOS, or Linux

Intro to 3D Games

Learn the basics of 3D game development and then up your skills as you build each new game. You'll learn everything - from code to animations to AI.
Intro to 3D Games

For Absolute Beginners

Learn to Code AND Make Games

You'll learn the absolute basics of programming with C# as you start building your very first games. No prior coding experience required.
For Absolute Beginners

Build 2D Games

Tower Defense

Not only will you learn 3D games, but you'll learn how to use Unity's powerful 2D game tools to build animations, create game UI, and 2D game logic.
Build 2D Games

Learn Multiplayer Gaming

You'll build your very own Clash Royale clone complete with networking and player match making. You'll learn how to transmit coordinates and events across the Internet.
Learn Multiplayer Gaming

Beginner to Advanced

Not only will you learn the absolute basics, but we will take you to advanced levels in both Unity and programming as you code your very own voxel cube generation algorithm in a Minecraft game.
Beginner to Advanced

Code An RPG

We have an entire course section dedicated to building an RPG game complete with stats, upgrades, inventory, turn by turn combat and more.
Code An RPG

Code Help

You'll get access to our code forums where you can post questions and get help from teachers and the community. This is also a great place to meet other developers!
Code Help

This course is in pre-release

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Current Curriculum

Lessons are added daily

  • 01
    Intro to Unity
    Show details
    • 01 Promo Watch Free
    • 03 Making the Most of This Course
    • Making the Most of This Course: Check for Understanding
    • Section Summary Watch Free
    • Roll-A-Zombie Assets
    • 04 What is Unity?
    • 05 Installing the Unity IDE on (Mac)
    • 06 Installing the Unity IDE (Windows)
    • 07 Installing the Unity IDE (Linux)
    • 08 Your First Game: Intro to Roll-A-Zombie Watch Free
    • 09 A Quick Tour of the Unity IDE
    • 10 Setting the Scene Watch Free
    • 11 Let the Zombies Hit the Floor (Intro to Rigidbody)
    • Knowledge Check: Scenes and Rigidbody Physics
    • Script Overview
    • 12 GameManager: Our First C# Script
    • Introduction to Errors and Debugging
    • 13 Getting Input
    • Explaining Vectors
    • 14 Push Back the Horde Watch Free
    • Experiment and Understand: 3D Rigidbody Physics
    • 15 Adding the UI
    • Knowledge Check: Scripting, Input, and UI
    • 16 Increasing the Score
    • 17 Adding Sound Effects
    • 18 Section Wrap-Up
    • 19 Using Unity Collab and Some Game Window Notes
    • Roll-A-Zombie Final Source Code
  • 02
    Intro to C# in Unity
    Show details
    • Section Summary Watch Free
    • 01 Section Overview
    • Intro to C# Assets
    • 02 What's a Variable?
    • 03 Strings and Concatenation Watch Free
    • 04 String Manipulation Watch Free
    • Knowledge Check: Variables and Strings
    • 05 Intro to Numbers
    • 06 Basic Arithmetic in C#
    • 07 Type Casting Numbers and Precision
    • Knowledge Check: Numbers in C#
    • 08 Intro to Booleans
    • 09 Equality Comparison Operators
    • 10 Logical and Conditional Operators
    • 11 Conditional Logic
    • Knowledge Check: Do You Understand Booleans? Yes or No.
    • 12 Implicit Data Types
    • 13 Intro to Iterables
    • 14 Intro to Loops
    • 15 Intro to Methods
    • 16 More Method Practice
    • Exercise: Cleanup
    • 17 Object-Oriented Programming
    • 18 Using Classes and Inheritance
    • Namespaces and Wh