Faster Than Ever

Declarative & cross platform

SwiftUI was built from scratch in Swift and completely reshapes how you build UI in iOS. We'll show you everything you need to know!
Faster Than Ever
  • SwiftUI

    You'll learn beginner to advanced concepts using SwiftUI. You'll build professional apps that integrate services and other common app features.

  • Cross Platform

    Using SwiftUI, you can write code once and deploy to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

  • Integrate UIKit

    Not only will you build entire apps with SwiftUI, but you will learn how to integrate existing UIKit frameworks.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to SwiftUI
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    • Hello, SwiftUI
    • Hello, Swift Source Code
    • Creating your first view
    • Updating a view with data
    • Progress Bar Source Code
    • Basics of SwiftUI
    • Project: Keycard
  • 02
    ShopList App: Working With State
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    • Creating a list
    • Passing down data to a row
    • UI changes based on State
    • Building the cart view
    • Opaque Types
    • Project: Building an app with State
  • 03
    ProfileApp: Forms and Data
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    • Creating a profile screen
    • Forms and State
    • App data flow
    • Applying themes to TextFields
    • Project: Sign Up
  • 04
    Navigationer App: Working With Navigation
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    • Creating a list for navigation
    • Changing screens with NavigationLink
  • 05
    Todo App: Observable Objects
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    • Creating a list layout for todos
    • Data flow with ObservableObject
    • Managing data for an entire iOS application
    • Project: ObservableObject
  • 06
    Environment Object
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    • Creating the UI
    • Creating app themes
    • Working with EnvironmentObject
    • Toggling an app theme
    • EnvironmentObject Source Code