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What Will I Learn?

▶︎ For beginners. No coding experience required ▶︎ In depth look at activity life cycle, intents, and context
▶︎ Learn programming basics like variables, strings, classes and more! ▶︎ Enhance your UI with custom drawables
▶︎ Build a fully functional chat app ▶︎ Learn  interface builder and all the SDK's you actually need to build apps.

Kotlin: Do more with less code

Write 40% less code with Kotlin! It's also 100% interoperable with Java. You can literally continue work on your old Java projects using Kotlin.
Kotlin: Do more with less code

Build full stack applications

Building a fully function Slack Clone with real-time chat, custom avatars and user authentication!
Build full stack applications

Code Help

You'll get access to our code forums where you can post questions and get help from teachers and the community. This is also a great place to meet other developers!
Code Help

Guided Learning

The course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced levels. If you are an experienced programmer the lessons are designed in a way to help you get up and running fast.
Guided Learning

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Android Studio and First App
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    • Intro to Kotlin and Android Course
    • First look at Kotlin
    • Install JDK and Android Studio for Mac
    • Install JDK and Android Studio for Windows
    • Android Emulator
    • Dinner Decider app assets
    • DinnerDecider Part 1
    • DinnerDecider Part 2
    • DinnerDecider Part 3
    • Dinner Decider final source
    • Run on a real device!
    • Run on a real device from Windows!
  • 02
    Kotlin Foundation
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    • Installing IntellijIDEA for Mac
    • Installing IntellijIDEA for Windows
    • Variables with Kotlin
    • Strings with Kotlin
    • Numbers and Operators with Kotlin
    • Functions with Kotlin
    • Conditional Logic with Kotlin
    • Collections with Kotlin
    • Loops with Kotlin
    • Nullability with Kotlin
    • Classes and Inheritance with Kotlin
    • Lambda with Kotlin
    • Kotlin foundation source code
  • 03
    Terminal & Version Control
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    • Git & Version Control - The Fun Way
    • Terminal Basics - Changing directories
    • Terminal Basics - Creating directories & files
    • Terminal Basics - copying & renaming files
    • Terminal Basics - deleting files & directories
    • Git Basics
    • Setting up Github
    • Working with Local & Remote Repositories
    • Handling Git Merge Conflicts
    • Using Git with Android Studio
    • Importing Projects and Merge Conflicts
  • 04
    All About Layout
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    • Project assets & source code
    • Intro to Android Constraint Layout
    • Phone Portrait Layout Part 1
    • Phone Portrait Layout Part 2
    • Tablet Portrait Layout
    • Tablet Landscape
  • 05
    Activity Lifecycle
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    • Intro to the app
    • Swoosh assets
    • Welcome Screen Layout
    • League Selection Layout
    • Intents and Context
    • Lifecycle Overview
    • Lifecycle in action
    • Skill Selection Layout
    • Buttoning up the Activities
    • Toggling the skills
    • Parcelable
    • Instance State
    • Swoosh Challenge
    • Swoosh final source
  • 06
    List and Recycler Views
    Show details
    • CoderSwag Intro
    • Swag assets
    • Data Structure
    • Simple ListView
    • Custom List Adapter
    • View Holder
    • RecyclerView Adapter
    • RecyclerView Clicks
    • Product List View
    • Product Recycle Adapter
    • Swag final source
  • 07
    Smack Chat App
    Show details
    • Smack Intro
    • Smack assets
    • Project Setup
    • MainActivity UI Setup
    • Login Activity UI
    • CreateUserActivity UI
    • Generate Avatar and Background Color
    • Webrequests and APIs
    • Hosting API
    • Local Hosting API
    • Our first web request
    • Registering a user
    • Login User
    • Creating User
    • Polishing up Create User Activity
    • Broadcast Receiver
    • Find User
    • Polishing up the Login Activity
    • Add Channel Dialog
    • Sockets