Course Includes

  • 10+ hours of content

  • Assets included

  • Unlimited access

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Learn Unreal Engine

You'll learn the basics of Unreal Engine and how to build logic for games.
Learn Unreal Engine

Build Games Without Code

You'll learn the in's and out's of Unreal Blueprint which let's you build games without having to learn code.
Build Games Without Code

Learn By Doing

You'll learn Unreal Engine through building games. Guns, explosions, sound effects, and more!
Learn By Doing

Mobile Games

Learn how to build mobile games, optimize for mobile, and how to deploy to the iOS and Google Play App Stores.
Mobile Games

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Getting Started
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  • 02
    Intro to Unreal Level Editor
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    • Unreal editor overview
    • Unreal editor mode
    • Blocking out an area
    • Creating edges and stairs
    • Creating simple materials
    • Creating rounded walls
    • More editing tools and objects
    • Preparing to build a bridge
    • Creating a bridge with subtractions
    • How to extrude objects
  • 03
    Intro to Materials
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    • Creating simple materials
    • Setting textures to materials
    • Working with metallics
    • Tinting and multiply nodes
    • Material texture coordinates
    • Instance materials part 1
    • Instance materials part 2
    • Creating a dynamic material with Blueprint
    • Shooting cubes to change color
  • 04
    D2D Game: Controls, Characters, Enemies, and Guns
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    • Project creation & setup
    • Creating a 3rd person camera
    • Creating a GameMode
    • Setting up keyboard and controller inputs
    • Moving the player forward in Blueprint
    • Setting up camera rotation in Blueprint
    • Rotations, vectors, and moving character in the right direction
    • Creating smooth animations with BlendSpace
    • Connect player input to animations with AnimationBlueprint
    • Attaching weapons to a player
    • Weapon & Laser Beam Assets
    • Creating a gun laser particle system
    • Attaching a particle system to a weapon in Blueprint
    • Creating bullets through RayCasting
    • Weapon Particle System Assets
    • Creating weapon logic & muzzle flash
    • Audio Assets
    • Implementing sound effects in Unreal Engine
    • Spawning bullet effects at hit impact
    • Enemy artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Logic to choose animation blends
    • Implementing player health and Blueprint Interfaces
    • Raycasting pawns and firing events
    • Ragdoll physics for the enemy
    • Final Source Code
    • Student Exercise
  • 05
    D2D Game: Game Design, Logic, & Events
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    • Setup and project creation
    • Greyboxing the level
    • Game design document & technical overview
    • Level Design Documents
    • D2D Starter project and assets
    • Optimizing 3D models for mobile
    • Weapon pickup events
    • Custom animations for weapon/no weapon
    • Working with physics and constraints
    • Creating logic in Level Blueprints
    • Building gameplay and chaining events
    • Building a terminal and intro to UI with UMG
    • Showing UI based on events
    • Creating re-usable doors that open
    • Communicate between Blueprints with event dispatches & check distance between objects
    • Creating health bars
  • 06
    Dark City: Mobile Game Development
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    • About This Section
    • Project creation
    • Setting up Unreal for mobile development
    • Implementing touch controls
    • Creating custom touch look controls
    • Important Unreal Mobile Resources
    • Flashlight Assets
    • Importing a flashlight model
    • Creating and using texture masks
    • Creating the flashlight blueprint
    • Spawning the flashlight onto the player
    • Rotating the flashlight with player rotation
    • Creating flashlight cone effects (advanced material editor)
    • Creating battery UI progress bar
    • Battery progress bar image assets
    • Post Processing & Audio Asset Download
    • Object outlines with post processing
    • Battery pick up and recharge
    • Enemy Character Asset Download
    • Setting up the enemy character
    • Enemy AI Setup: Behavior Tree, AIController, Blackboard
    • EQS System and Behavior Tree logic
    • Modifying animations and connecting enemy velocity
    • Animation Fix (Optional Download)
  • 07
    Specific Unreal Engine Topics
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    • Moving actors around
    • Point & click movement
    • Re-targeting animations onto 3D character models
    • Simple FPS Assets
    • Simple first person shooter game
    • Progress & health bar lesson assets
    • Creating health & progress bars
    • Lighting for mobile games


  • Mark Wahlbeck

    Software Engineer

    Mark Wahlbeck

    I work in iOS, Unity, Node, React, and a bunch of other technologies. Been building apps since the iOS app store launched. Worked on Call of Duty Ghosts and am passionate about Indie Game Development. Now I spend most of my days teaching!