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What Will I Learn?

▶︎ Learn all about the new Firestore real-time database ▶︎ Create and save data to your Firestore database
▶︎ Add powerful login capabilities to your apps using firebase authentication
▶︎ Use Firestore security features to protect your database and restrict access to authorized users only

Firestore: A NoSQL document based technology

Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from Firebase and Google Cloud Platform
Firestore: A NoSQL document based technology


Build a fun, full stack iOS app with Firestore. Sort topics, like posts and add your own!

Code Help

You'll get access to our code forums where you can post questions and get help from teachers and the community. This is also a great place to meet other developers!
Code Help

Guided Learning

The course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced levels. If you are an experienced programmer the lessons are designed in a way to help you get up and running fast.
Guided Learning

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Firestore Introduction
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    • Intro to Firestore
    • Firestore setup source
    • Project Setup
    • What is Firestore
    • AddThoughtVC UI Setup
    • Making your first database entry!
    • MainVC UI Setup
    • Fetching data from Firestore
    • Sorting and Filtering
    • Updating individual documents
  • 02
    Firestore Authentication
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    • Intro to Firestore Authentication
    • Firestore authentication setup source
    • Login Flow UI Setup
    • Create User
    • Login User
    • CommentsVC UI Set up
    • CommentClass and TableView
    • Firestore Transactions
    • Displaying Thoughts
    • Security Rules
  • 03
    Firestore Security Rules
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    • Intro to Firestore Security
    • Firestore security setup source
    • Project Setup
    • Implementing Protocols
    • Deleting a comment
    • Updating comments
    • Comments Advanced Security Rules
    • Deleting a thought
    • Thought security rules
    • Where to go from here?