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What Will I Learn?

▶︎ Learn  HTML, CSS & Javascript ▶︎ Build full stack web applications
▶︎ Build responsive websites with Bootstrap & Flexbox ▶︎ Deploy your projects to a live server
▶︎ Learn to build web apps with React JS ▶︎ For beginners. No coding experience required

What does this course include?

  • 30 hours of content

    Learn to code like the pros. Build real world projects through our engaging hands-on training videos.

  • Unlimited access

    24/7 access from a PC, laptop/tablet or mobile device

  • Access to code forums

    Join our community of students and developers. Ask questions and get help with your code 💻

Full Stack Development

This is where it all begins! A hands-on training to all of the essential front-end and backend skills you'll need to build real, working websites.
Full Stack Development

Build professional and responsive websites

You are going to build over 10 projects. Not only will you build websites & web apps, but you'll learn best development practices and build the type of projects you might build in a full time job.
Build professional and responsive websites

Code Help

You'll get access to our code forums where you can post questions and get help from teachers and the community. This is also a great place to meet other developers!
Code Help

Guided Learning

The course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced levels. If you are an experienced programmer the lessons are designed in a way to help you get up and running fast.
Guided Learning

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to Web Development
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    • What is web development?
    • What you can do as a web developer
    • Where should I start as a beginner?
    • Frontend vs Backend development
    • Installing an IDE
  • 02
    Getting Started With HTML
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    • Building your first website
    • Intro to HTML, HEAD, BODY, and HEADER
    • Working with HTML lists, paragraphs, and text styling
    • Displaying data with tables
    • Images & forms in HTML
    • Images & forms in HTML source
    • WebStorm IDE: Basic Setup
    • WebStorm IDE: Navigating your project
    • WebStorm IDE: Performing searches
    • WebStorm IDE: Mastering the editor
  • 03
    Introduction to CSS
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    • What is CSS?
    • How to use inline, internal and external CSS
    • Element, ID & Class Selectors
    • Element, ID & Class Selectors source
    • CSS: Colors
    • CSS: Backgrounds & borders
    • Using browser inspector tools
    • CSS Combinators
    • CSS Grouping
    • CSS: Specificity
  • 04
    Intermediate CSS
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    • Text styling & formatting
    • Google Fonts
    • CSS: Images
    • CSS: Padding & Margin
    • Rows & Columns
    • Rows & Columns source
  • 05
    Advanced CSS: Building and styling website
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    • Intro to your first CSS Website
    • starter source
    • Building the navbar
    • Making the navbar mobile responsive: Part 1
    • Making the navbar mobile responsive: Part 2
    • Creating the form group
    • Working with iframes
    • Working with images and box shadows
    • Working with text and image spacing
    • Building the footer
    • final source
  • 06
    Computers and Code
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    • How Computers Work
    • source code
    • Understanding Binary
    • Heap vs Stack
    • How code works
    • Variables & storage capacity
    • Understanding hexadecimal
  • 07
    Version Control With Git
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    • Git & Version Control: The fun way
    • Terminal Basics: Changing directories
    • Terminal Basics: Creating directories & files
    • Terminal Basics: Copying & renaming files
    • Terminal Basics: Deleting files & directories
    • Git Basics
    • Setting up Github
    • Working with Local & remote repositories
    • Handling git merge conflicts
  • 08
    Learning to Code With Javascript
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    • Time to Javascript
    • Javascript reference
    • Javascript comments & how to link scripts
    • Javascript variables & strings
    • Numbers in Javascript
    • Comparison operators in Javascript
    • Logical operators in Javascript
    • Javascript arrays
    • Javascript loops
    • Javascript functions
    • Javascript objects
    • Javascript bind
    • Calculator: Setting up the form
    • Calculator: Grabbing elements with Javascript
    • Calculator - Using event listeners
    • Calculator - Algorithm & prevent default
    • Javascript source code
  • 09
    Introduction to Bootstrap 4
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    • What is Bootstrap 4?
    • Downloading Bootstrap 4
    • How to setup a Bootstrap 4 project