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Course curriculum

  • 01
    Intro to Blender and Krita
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    • Course Overview
    • Section 1 files
    • Inside Look: Speed Painting Textures
    • Intro to Game Art - Blender Setup
    • Basic 3D Concepts
    • Basics of Painting in Blender
    • Alternative concept art with Inkscape
    • Intro to Krita to use for prop concept art
    • Design Elements and Principles
    • Scenery setup and Pot Modeling
  • 02
    Prop Modeling
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    • Section 2 files
    • Finishing up the Pot Modeling
    • Modeling the Chest and Sword
    • Modeling the Crossbow
    • Modeling - Finishing the Crossbow and creating the Wand
    • Modeling the Environment Assets
    • Intro to unwrapping assets with Krita
    • Unwrapping the rest of the assets with Krita
    • Creating materials and applying textures
    • Painting custom textures with Krita
    • Applying custom textures using Blender paint
    • Applying textures using various methods
    • Texturing the Pillar with Blender
    • Time-lapse: Using brush strokes and operations
    • Time-lapse: Final styling touches to the Wand
    • Using overlays in Krita and adding colors with Blender
  • 03
    Character modeling and Animation
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    • Intro to Modeling the Character
    • Modeling our Character Boots using Blender
    • Modeling our Character using Blender
    • Modeling our Character arms and hands
    • Modeling the Armor for our Character
    • Modeling our Character's Skull and Helmet - Part 1
    • Modeling our Character's Skull and Helmet - Part 2
    • Unwrapping our Character and adding color
    • Blocking out colors using Blender Paint
    • Styling our Character using Blenders Paint Mode
    • Time-lapse: Refining Character Textures
    • Preparing our Character for Animation
    • Setting up Weights and adding Mesh to our Character
    • Character source
    • Animating our Character
    • Setting up FPS Animations
  • 04
    Bringing it into Unity 3D
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    • Importing our Assets into Unity
    • Creating Portal Effects
    • Unity source