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NEM is the world’s most developer friendly blockchain platform. From Dapps, to ICOs, to Fintech, NEM has it all. This program is a comprehensive training on the NEM blockchain. You’ll go from knowing absolutely nothing about NEM to becoming an advanced developer on the NEM blockchain.

What you will learn

  • What is NEM?
  • NEM Architecture
  • Proof of importance
  • Harvesting (mining)
  • NEM use cases
  • NEM for app developers
  • Launching your own cryptocurrency
  • NEM for enterprise & fintech
  • Public & private NEM blockchains
  • Coding an ICO
  • Security on the NEM blockchain
  • Multisig accounts (smart contracts)
  • NEM tooling & testing
  • Building Dapps in any programming language
  • Architecting production ready products on NEM

Who is this for

This training program is designed to take developers from beginner to advanced knowledge on developing for the NEM blockchain. If you are considering launching an ICO, creating a Dapp, or creating secure private blockchains for fintech or enterprise you should take this program.


To take this training program you will need to have competence in any programming language such as Javascript, Java, C#, Swift, Python, etc. You must own a Mac, PC with Windows 8+ or Linux. Beginner Blockchain & Architecture is a recommended pre-requisite.